Join us in our travels and our take on exploring off the beaten path  in interesting places all around the world! When the crowd goes left we prefer going to the right!

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Like no place else we have been on planet earth! Our new favorite country!


Sunshine, wine & romance it does not get any better then this!

Caribbean Islands

We visit here often, and there are

always new adventures to seek out!


Spain is so versatile in its offerings

from culture to wild adventures!


Over 20 cruises in the past 10 years. Some tips we have learned from them!

Our top 30 travel tips

After 15 years of traveling the world!


Ancient Athens, to the laid back isle

of Skiathos!

New Zeland coming soon!

This long-awaited trip will be taken in late Nov/early Dec 2019!

British Isles  coming soon!

Along with most of Scandinavia will be traveling here in Spring 2019!


Tropical destinations don't get any

better than this!

Yellowstone Park

Now we know why many call this the

most beautiful place on earth!






Lorie & Shane

Traveling was something we always wanted to do in our lives, but the early years prevented us from doing this like so many other people. Once the kids were grown up and on their own, we knew it was time to explore our passion. We are at our happiest and best version of ourselves when we are traveling and exploring, and meeting people from all over the world. We have made many great friends while traveling, and meeting people from all over the world is one of our

favorite parts of traveling!

This planet is so massive and so diverse. We take up such a tiny space in this huge world. Our goal is to see it all! Our passports have now been stamped in 26 countries so far, and we have only scratched the surface. We enjoy blazing our own trail and try our best to explore new areas where the tourists usually don't go. We do our best to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle by eating well and exercising all we can. Fortunately, since we love to explore and get lost everywhere we go that really helps out the exercise part. We will often walk 10 - 12 miles a day when we travel!

Thank you for visiting "Lost with my love", and visit us often for our updated adventures!

Lorie & Shane


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