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Instagram coaching


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We have been where you are now!

Thanks to Instagram, we have built a six figure income doing what we love!

Looking at popular Instagram accounts and wondering how do they do it?

Step by step how we grew from 0 - 200,000 in one year!

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We are living in an incredible time. Making a profit from your passion is something that would have sounded crazy ten years ago! Why not you? When it comes to Instagram it can be so hard to figure out just where to start, and exactly what to do. That is why we're here for you! We can show you exactly what you are supposed to do, just like we have done. 100% of our own strategies that have led to our incredible success. We just love coaching aspiring entrepreneurs to grow and monetize their personal or business brand! 

Three tiers of coaching available

0 - 10,000

Gaining your first 10,000 followers on Instagram can sound like an immense hurdle, especially when most people make the exact same mistakes over and over again! We were doing the same thing until we figured it out that is. It is no easy task to say the least. We have done it and now we are going to show you how! Most people think that you have to have a ton of followers to get paid to post for companies. This is simply not true! The key is not only know how to approach them ...

10,000 - 100,000

10,000 followers was such a great milestone for us, and we were so proud of ourselves to achieve this in less than three months! Within this tier your strategies will change quite a bit, especially since you can now charge a lot more for your postings as you have now become a "micro-influencer" on Instagram! We have several different methods that we used during this tier that we will be discussing with you. Exactly what we did and how we did it. We tried all over google for this information and it just ...

100,000 - 200,000+

We knew we were on the right track to really achieve success on Instagram when companies started to reach out to us to pay us, to post on their behalf. How exciting is that! At now over 100,000+ followers, you are now in a very tiny percentage of all Instagram accounts, and you can now command top dollar for your time. Strategies become a bit more complex as you continue your growth and earning more income. Here once again we show you our exact strategies that we are currently using ...

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Portovenere Italy, 2019


Lorie & Shane Leupold from Meridian, Idaho. Nice to meet you! Shane and I have always owned our own businesses over the years and always excelled on the marketing side of things. Social media was something we did not get involved with early on, in fact, we did not even use it back in the '90s, or for the first ten years of the 2000s! We did soon come to realize it's power however especially when we opened up Soup Kettle Grille restaurant in Meridian, near Eagle & Overland road. In February of 2019, we sold a very successful restaurant and it was time to reinvent ourselves. Our restaurant's Instagram page was very good for business and we just loved this aspect. When I asked Shane what he thought we might do next his answer was quite surprising. He told me we were going to become Social media influencers. You can only imagine my response!

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