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Our Travels

Here you will find some of our experiences from our travels around the world. We only started chronicling them in 2018, but have been to a lot of different places in the last two years!


Like no place else you will ever visit on 

planet earth! The people here are just

so kind & incredible here in every way!

Japan tips

Japan rail travel


Sunshine wine and romance. It does not get

much better then this. The beauty of this

wonderful country will astound you!

Italy tips


We visited from ancient Athens, to the most

incredible little island of Skiathos. We also visited filming locations for Mama Mia!


This versatile country has so many different types of things to offer from incredible culture to some very wild adventures!


We have now taken over 22 cruises in just the past ten years. Here we will give you some good ideas on planning one!

More cruising tips

Our top 30 travel tips

After fifteen years of traveling the world we have learned a lot of things that can come in handy for you to think about on your travels!

Caribbean Islands

We visit the Caribbean quite often and been 

to almost all of the different islands. Here is a bit about most of them to help you decide!


Tropical destinations do not get much better this this! So far we have only been to Oahu, but a trip to Kauai is on the horizon!

Yellowstone Park

We now know why many people call this the most beautiful place on earth! We saw bears, bison, wolves and so much more!

New Zealand coming soon

We spent three and a half incredible weeks here. We will be posting a huge write up on it very soon!

Scotland & Ireland coming soon

Planned for this upcoming Spring of 2024!

We are looking so forward to exploring this most beautiful part of the world!

Switzerland coming soon

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