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Lorie & Shane Leupold from Meridian, Idaho. Nice to meet you! Shane and I have always owned our own businesses over the years and always excelled on the marketing side of things. Social media was something we did not get involved with early on, in fact we did not even use it back in the '90s, or for the first ten years of the 2000's! We did soon come to realize it's power however especially when we opened up Soup Kettle Grille restaurant in Meridian, near Eagle & Overland road. In February of 2018, we sold the very successful restaurant and it was time to reinvent ourselves. Our restaurant's Instagram page was very good for business and we just loved this aspect of the business. When I asked Shane what he thought we might do next his answer was quite surprising. He told me we were going to become Social media influencers. You can only imagine my response!

To say the least I had a very puzzled look on my face. Now in all fairness Shane did handle the majority of our marketing in the past so I did assume he had some plan in place! He had read in Forbes magazine that Social media influencing was becoming something that a lot of people were trying, but very few succeeding in. Challenge accepted! Instagram became our platform of choice and we have spent well over 50 hours a week in the past year learning anything and everything we possibly could about it. It has most definetly NOT been an easy road. Easy to use and hard to master is what we like to say. There are so many backend layers and algorithms to how it all works it was really intimidating for quite some time to figure things out. But through a lot of hard work and effort, we did! We are now really enjoying showing others throughout the Treasure Valley how to stand out on Instagram. We look so forward to meeting you!


Ashikaga Flower Park - Tochigi, Japan - March 2020

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