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Work with us along with @lostwithmylove on Instagram, is a world travel & lifestyle brand, featuring our adventures while traveling the world from our perspective of when the crowd turns left ... we like to explore to the right, finding our own adventures while simply getting lost together!

Let us help you promote your brand to avid travelers around the globe! We provide our readers with a detailed look of our world travels and love to align with all brands in the travel & lifestyle niche. Having been self-employed our entire lives, we have an extensive background in marketing & SEO practices for maximum exposure for your brand! Our Instagram page alone has over 200,000 followers and is growing monthly.

- Instagram Campaigns

- Destination Promotion

- Media Trips

- Brand Ambassadorship

- Sponsored Posts

-Speaking Engagements

Current rate card

Instagram feed posts

1 feed post  $900 - $1500

6 feed posts  $800 - $1350 per

12 feed posts  $750 - $1200 per


Multi year campaign 

discounts are available

please get in touch with us

Instagram story posts

1 - 24 hour story  $230 - $445

3 panel story $215 per panel 

1 panel weekly $180

(minimum 26 weeks)

All payments are required

before posting.

We accept all major credit cards & paypal

We only promote products & places that we

truly love and believe in! We have to touch,

feel, try or visit before we make our final

decisions on all sponsored postings.

Please use our contact page for all inquiries

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